Watering Guidelines


The following are the three levels of water conservation efforts that are in place with all municipal and District Water users.

According to the policy Levels listed below, automatic watering sprinkler systems may operate during any hours on the days that allowed for outside water use.

Level One

  • Odd/Even by house address
  • Even numbered homes may water outside on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
  • Odd numbered homes may water outside on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays

Level Two

  • Same watering schedule except outside water use is by hand and no automated sprinklers or irrigation devices are allowed
  • Only hand held hose use
  • Hoses should be equipped with devices to stop the flow of water when not being used

Level Three

  • Level Three is an emergency action due to severe drought

Violations of any level may cause fines and continued violations may result in the shut-off of water services in severe drought conditions. Our hope is for careful and considerate use of this precious resource so that Level Two or Three are not necessary.

With this notification we are at a Level One Conservation use. We will advertise and post throughout the community the Outside Water Use. Should a total ban be necessary and let’s all hope we can avoid this, an emergency notification will be mailed to all users. Level Two Conservation will be advertised and community signs posted.

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