Water Conservation

Do you really watch your water use? 

Take a moment to check some of the ways you can conserve:           

  • How much water do we use?Got kids? How long are they in the shower?
  • Is the toilet drip free? Drop food coloring into the back of the tank, if in 10 minutes or less color appears in the bowl the seal is leaking.
  • Do you always set the washing machine level, or do you just fill it up regardless of the load?
  • When you wash your car do you let the hose run or use a bucket and a valve on the house to shut the flow off when not needed?
  • Are all your faucets drip free?
  • How about watering the flowers, lawn and garden? Only you know how long you let water run.
  • Automated sprinklers? Got rain control or a moisture sensor that keeps them off when not really needed; or do you water even in the rain due to a timer just being set to GO.

A little caution and a minute or two to check can save lots of money and just as important conserve water!