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The Dracut Water Supply District bills on a quarterly basis. For each account billed, payment will be due in full 30 days after the bill date.  If an account is paid before the due date expires, the account is considered in good standing and neither interest nor penalties shall apply. If not paid by the due date, a $10 demand will be added to the account and interest shall accrue against the account at the set rate of 14%, as is charged by municipalities under state guidelines.  Dispute of charges must be made within 30 days of bill date.  Leaks can be costly. Be sure to repair promptly. Click here to see copies of large bills caused by leaks.  

NOTE: Failure to receive your water bill does not excuse you from the payment due or from the interest and fees that accrue on any outstanding balance.

The following collections policy applies if a bill is not paid by the due date:


  • Accounts that are 2 weeks overdue shall receive a “Notice of Past Due Water Bill”.
  • Accounts that are 30 days overdue shall receive a “Second Notice - Outstanding Water Balance” stating that the account is now at risk for shut off and/or lien procedures.
  • Accounts that are more than 50 days overdue shall receive a “Final Notice of Past Due Account – Service -Shut Off”. This notice will inform the customer of charges that will be assessed if it becomes necessary to serve a shut off notice.

At this point, we encourage you to contact our office to make a payment arrangement if you cannot pay the account in full. We are always willing to work out a payment plan involving consistent monthly payments. This will avoid shut off/lien procedures.

Orange Sticker Posted to Residence:

Accounts that are 60 days or more overdue will be served a shut off notice and charged a fee. Accounts shall be given (5) business days from the date of notice posting to pay the account in full. Once an account has reached shut off status, full payment is expected.  

*(A shut off notice will include documentation of consumer rights).

*Accounts that end up being shut off for non-payment are subject to additional fees for the service to be restored once an account has been paid in full.


  • Application for New and Existing Water Service - Whenever a connection is made, either directly or indirectly, to any water main supplied by the District, a system development fee shall be assessed. The amount of said system development fee shall be established by the Board of Water Commissioners from time to time. The Board of Water Commissioners may establish rules and regulations regarding assessment and/or application of said fee. (By-law section 1.9B)
  • General Guidelines for Commercial, Industrial or Multi-unit Projects
  • Demolitions: Discontinuance of a water service due to the demolition of said structure would require the termination of the Water Service at the main. All costs relating to this will be the sole responsibility of the owner of said property. Any new construction on said property requires a new service installation, fees, etc. Refer to Section 1 and Section 4 of the Dracut Water Supply District By Laws. 

    Except in such circumstances that the customer shall be restoring the water service to the current required standards. In such case when the water service is being restored and not for expansion beyond the pre-demolition use there shall not be assessed a system and development fee. The customer shall be responsible for all inspection fees as well as water shut off and turn on charges. Any outstanding bill shall be paid in full and current prior to system re-connection. 

    The service termination to the main may be waived in the field by the Field Operator if it is determined that the curb box to the main condition is such that replacement to the main is not necessary. The decision of the Field Operator shall be final. In the event, however, that the new service after demolition is serving a need in excess of the pre-demolition condition the old service shall be replaced back to the main. (Note: in all instances when flare fittings are encountered it shall be required to be changed out)  

    Prior to demolition the applicant shall under the direction of the Water District staff disconnect the line so as to avoid any demolition damage to the existing service. All services must be replaced to the curb box and renewed to the new construction in the event that the foundation is raised. The applicant shall be subject to inspection charges for all phases of demolition regarding the water service line work. Any demolition that occurs without inspectional services by the District shall require complete replacement of the service line from the home to the main at the owner’ expense.  (By-Law Section 5.2)

          See below attachments for Mains and Service Installation requirements and Fire Hydrant Installation requirements.