Meters & Hydrants

Help With Hydrants
Meters & Hydrants


  • Keep hydrants free of snow and ice.
  • Keep hydrants free of overgrowth (grass, weeds, and ornamental plantings).
  • Report any damaged or leaking hydrants to the Dracut Water Supply District 978-957-0441.
  • Report any vehicles blocking hydrants to the Dracut Police 978-957-2123.
  • Report suspicious use of a hydrant to the Dracut Water Supply District 978-957-0441.


  • Paint hydrants
  • Alter or attempt to repair hydrants

Thank you. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Please help keep our water safe prevent illegal water connections.

The Dracut Water Supply District ensures that our customers are provided with safe, clean, and reliable drinking water.

Fire hydrants are directly connected to your drinking water supply. Our water system is vulnerable to contamination through the unauthorized use of fire hydrants from a variety of sources, including but not limited to: hydro-seed companies, street sweepers, and swimming pool fill trucks. If for example the water pressure should drop during an illegal connection, contaminants could be sucked backwards through the hydrant and into the water supply.

Illegal connections threaten the quality of water delivered to your home or business, and can lower pressure in the water lines required for fire protection. They also result in a loss of water revenue for the District.

The Dracut Water Supply is requesting your help to protect our water sources and prevent water theft.

Only authorized users can connect to fire hydrants, this includes: DWSD workers, Town of Dracut Fire Department personnel and Dracut Highway Department workers. Unauthorized connection to a fire hydrant is subject to a fine.

Please contact the District immediately at the number listed below if you see or suspect the unauthorized use of a fire hydrant. Please obtain as much information as possible regarding the incident as you can. It can be as simple as taking a picture of the event in progress or recording critical details such as the time and location. Please note vehicle type and license plate, company name/emblem on the vehicle, do NOT attempt to stop or approach the individual.

To report an illegal connection, use, or activity around a fire hydrant please contact:

Dracut Water Supply District
(978) 957-0441 (phone) 
(978) 957-2073 (fax)

Meter Tampering

No Longer a Minor Offense

November 2010, Governor Patrick signed into law a bill increasing the fine for meter tampering from $100 to a fine equal to triple the amount of damages or $1,000, whichever is greater. The law also provides for damages to include the value of any water used and the cost of labor and equipment for repairs or replacement.

Virtually all water meters installed by the District are sealed. Once the seal is broken it becomes evidence that the water meter has been tampered with or removed.

Customers are warned that the removal of a meter is a serious offense and the appropriate fines will be assessed for each case discovered. If you have removed the meter in the past, even though it may only be to winterize your property, it is considered illegal. Please contact the District office to schedule a seasonal removal and re-installation.