Water Shut Down Schedule 11-15-2021 to 11-30-2021 UPDATE

Water shut down

Our contractor Albanese D&S is in the final stage of construction and striving to connect all side streets off Lakeview Ave to the new 16" water main before November 30th. Therefore they plan to work aggressively beginning November 15th to get all side streets, from Christine Ave to Pleasantview Ave in Tyngsboro, connected before construction must cease for the winter. Albanese's schedule can change daily depending upon the weather and speed in which they are able to connect each street. Consequently we will not be able to give a 48 hour notice of water shut down, but we will update here on our website and facebook page daily. We apologize for the interruption and inconvenience during this infrastructure improvement project and thank you for your patience. 

As of 11/15/21, Albanese D&S is still working on connecting individual services to the new 16" water main before beginning to connect all side streets. They are hoping to start connecting side streets beginning on Marla Circle@ Lakeview Ave on 11/17 and Coburn @ Lakeview on 11/18.

Schedule of Work
Lakeview Avenue
1. Lakeview/Poplar - Completed 11/11/21
2. Lakeview/Coburn - Change of Schedule. Now scheduled for November 18th
3. Lakeview/Forest Park (There is no preference on the order of Forest Park, Malverne, Cedar Grove, 
    and Marla)
4. Lakeview/Malverne
5. Lakeview/Cedar Grove
6. Lakeview/Marla - Scheduled for Wednesday November 17th
7. Lakeview/Palmetto (2 connections)
8. Christine/Lakeview

Parham Road and Tyngsboro Road
1.  Parham/Birchmont (There is no preference on the order of Birchmont, Locust, and 
     294 Tyngsboro)
2.  Tyngsboro/Locust
3.  Tyngsboro/294 Tyngsboro

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