Meter to Main Plan

Who takes care of your leaks?

Have peace of mind with "meter to main" protection plan

  • The water service line from the curbox on the street into your home and to your meter is the responsibility of you the homeowner.
  • The Water Department is only responsible to shut off water service in the event of a leak along the line from the street.
  • After the shut-off, it is your responsibility to correct the leak before water can be turned back on. This can be costly and take time. You could be faced with thousands in repairs and be without water until the repair is made.
  • Most homeowner policies do not cover the cost of repairing or replacing water service lines. In the rare cases this work is covered you still most likely will face a deductible.
  • You must also call contractors for quotes and schedule this work to be done.
  •  One call and DWSD swings into action and takes care of all work from shut-down, repair or replacement of the line, turning water back on and assuring proper service.
  • Our 24-hour service will dispatch one of our Field Service Technicians to your home day or night.
  • With the average water line break costing upwards of $2,000.00 and more you will also have to pay for a service call, water shut-off charge and when repaired, a water turn-on charge. These charges alone will pay for several years of your maintenance plan.

Click the link below to sign up today. You can pay the $63.00 and be paid up for the year from the sign up date or be billed $15.75 quarterly on each billing cycle. You may cancel our plan at any time, without penalty, simply drop us a note and ask us to cancel our coverage. We will notify you by mail as to the end of your agreement depending on your payment option.

Enroll today and never worry about expensive water line repairs or wonder how to go about scheduling and securing a repair crew.

TrenchesFor Only $63 A Year, DWSD will handle repairs to your water service.

Our first customer in January had a break in her service requiring 6 hours of crew time along with heavy equipment and faced almost $1,100.00 in repair for the break on her property. Of course the break was on a Saturday too. With the “Meter to Main” program Susan’s bill total was $.00. Ms. Susan R. was very happy that the District offered the new program.

A customer on Old Marsh Hill had a break in his meter valve inside due to a heat tape failure while out of Town. The District tracked him down, called and coordinated water shut-off. Cost for service calls could have been over $400.00. “Meter to Main” bill to this very happy customer was $.00.