Spring Flushing 2019

Spring flushing 2019

Dracut Water Supply District will begun it's seasonal flushing on Monday April 29, 2019 and will continue for approx. 5 weeks.  The intent of the flushing program is to clean out the sediment that collects in water mains, to examine the areas that might have lower water pressure, and to inspect the fire hydrants for fire protection.  

Flushing of hydrants will be on Broadway Rd from Fox Ave towards Methuen and all side streets   . 

During the flushing, you may experience temporary discoloration, lower pressure and sometimes air bubbles in the water.  Please run the cold water tap for a while until the water is clear. 

The flushing program is essential in maintaining our water system and providing higher water quality to you.  Please contact us at 978 957-0441 if you have any questions about the flushing