Fall Flushing Mammoth Rd, Textile Ave, Old Meadow area 10-15-2020

Hydrant Flushing

Our field staff is currently continuing our Fall Flushing and will be flushing hydrants in the Mammoth Rd @ Nashua Rd to Lowell line, Textile Ave, Old Meadow Rd, Donohue Rd and all side streets. 

Click here for a complete list of streets.

Customers should avoid using the water when hydrants are being flushed. This will minimize the dirty water being drawn into the building. After the flushing, you may experience temporary discoloration, lower pressure and sometimes air bubbles in the water. Please run the cold water tap for a while until the water is clear.

The flushing program is essential in maintaining our water system and providing high water quality to you. Please contact us at 978-957-0441 if you have any questions about the flushing program.