Board of Commissioners

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Our Board of Commissioners is a three member board. First on your left Mr. William “Zee” Zielinski has experience as a licensed water operator and has served in almost all levels of the water industry. In the middle of our picture is Mr. Robert Corey. Bob has many years of experience in government work, contracts and function. He brings this talent to the Board. Next is Mr. William Morin. Bill was at the beginning of the change of the Dracut Water Supply. Each member serves a three year term with one Commissioner up for election each year.

William Zielinski
Term Expires 2018

Bob Corey
Term Expires 2019

Bill Morin
Term Expires 2020

To request you be placed on the agenda for the next scheduled meeting, email the commissioner’s secretary. Be sure to include your name, phone number and reason for your request. Please note you are not scheduled until you receive a confirmation either by email or phone.

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